4 Wedding Reception Mistakes One Should Be Careful About!

Your seating arrangements matter a lot because it's your responsibility to provide your guests the best arrangements for your wedding. Guests should be provided with proper place, chairs, and well managed tables etc. Basic mistakes are mentioned below so that you can understand that why you should avoid such things on your wedding:

Don't set the seating arrangements of kids near relatives in the 20s

You need to avoid such arrangements because most children get annoyed by continuous greetings by aged relatives and with their cross-questioning. Kids should play in their play area because that side is much safer for them and enjoy the company of their age fellow kids. One of the main reasons is that kids may drink vodka accidentally instead of water. Kids should also not interfere in the debates or gossips of older people.

Not seating families together at one place

On weddings, kids mostly sit away from parents and siblings or move here and there with friends, however, families should sit together as this is an important thing to spend time with mom, dad; so try to manage your arrangements in such a way that they can sit together and enjoy the ocassion, do gossips, share things and make many memories.

S it strangers who don t know each other together

One must avoid this kind of mistakes because they don't have much time to interact with new people and make new friends. So try to manage the arrangements in such a way that relatives should be seated close to their friends and family so that they can stay comfortable and enjoy the occasion rather than they stay quiet when they are sitting with strangers.

Not a proper seating arrangements with escort card s

Guests should be given escort cards and a seating chart so that your guests can easily sit in their place with family and enjoy the function. It is not much expensive, yet gives your guests a good gesture related to your settings because with this facility they can easily get to know where they're supposed to sit.

In conclusion, be careful before arranging your wedding, try to avoid all the mistakes mentioned above.